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Stairaid AssiStep folded towards the wall
Six-year-old Peder was born with cerebral palsy, and couldn’t climb the stairs on his own. Until he got an AssiStep stair helper
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Patient suffering from incomplete paraplegia and spinal cord injury training in stairs with the AssiStep during rehabilitation
Step by step towards the future - a former professional athlete trains stair climbing after his fatal spinal cord injury
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Andrea Elisabeth and her husband wanted to keep living in their house
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Eldri with the stair assistant AssiStep
Eldri broke her hip - see how the AssiStep stair aid helped her
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Trappeassistenten AssiStep - forlenging i bunnen av trappa
Kjell Groven (72) suffered a stroke, and struggled for several years with the challenge of stair climbing in his own home.
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Stair aid for back injured
Jan Erik (60) broke his back falling in the stairs in 2017 - Read about his experience with the AssiStep stair aid
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Trappehjelp - AssiStep - Les historien til Oddbjørn (68) som har KOLS og store utfordringer med å gå opp og ned trappa i hjemmet sitt. Nå har han fått montert opp trappehjelperen AssiStep
Obbjørn’s COPD caused him great trouble with the basement stairs, until he got the AssiStep stair helper.
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