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The Stair Walker -> The A-Z Guide For Chair Lifts For Stairs (Part 2)

The A-Z Guide For Chair Lifts For Stairs (Part 2)

6 things you should know before buying a stairlift
If you are looking for a chair lifts for stairs, you would of course like to avoid mistakes and discover a suitable model. Many people end up paying more than they need to, which is why we have written this guide in order to make sure you know what you have to pay attention to and think about before buying.

Supporting not just ourselves but also the people we care about, family members or close friends, becomes more important the older we get. With the help of mobility aids in the home, health and well being become more manageable. The purchase of a chair lift can be beneficial for people who have prosthetic joints, significantly reduced mobility or a disability that makes navigating a multi-level home difficult. Yet, for a number of reasons, the purchase of a chair lift can be an strenuous process.
  • What should you be aware of concerning chair lift providers?
  • What financing options are available?
  • What alternatives are available?

What should you be aware of concerning chair lift providers?

Once you have clarified your situation and your needs, the next step is to decide which chair lift for stairs providers you would like to invite for a consultation. Make sure to not rush into anything and look for a provider who can correctly assess your situation and who will respond to your concerns and wishes. In the best-case scenario, this creates a trusting customer relationship.

Phone consultations or on-site appointments should always be free of charge and without any obligation. This is where you need to feel that you are being taken seriously, that time is being spent on your questions or concerns, and that your situation is being addressed.

A competent, reputable lift provider should offer you extensive advice on the type of lift and its installation options. Before making a purchase decision, he should give you a test drive and visit you so that he can get an exact picture of your living situation and living conditions.

During the on-site appointment, they should take a close look at your stairs:

  • What about the space on and around the stairs and are there escape routes?
  • They should also offer you important services such as warranty, maintenance and repairs and respond to your equipment requirements and design ideas.
sales process
AssiStep home assessment and costs

Here is a short check list to use before buying a chair lift:

6 Things To Keep In Mind
  • Think carefully about your situation and consider the requirements a lift must meet.
  • Get several offers and let them show you their services.
  • Take a test ride, which the chair lift provider should offer you.
  • Preparation of offers, test drives and on-site appointments should always be free of charge.
  • Never let yourself be rushed to sign a contract!
  • You only pay when the chair lift is installed and working properly.

What financing options are there?

Once again you have to take action and shed some light on your situation. Financial support is possible in different ways.

A competent chair lift for stairs provider can also help you out. It is important that you address the financing options when you request a quote. Some providers have partnered up with credit institutions and can offer you special conditions or refer to other funding agencies.

Note that some funding applications should be submitted before purchasing the chair lift!

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Ask yourself the following questions:
  1. What amount of personal savings can I invest?
  2. What grants are available for me?
  3. Does renting a chair lift make sense?
  4. Should I look for used and less expensive alternatives?
  5. What are the conditions for financing?
  6. Are there other funding schemes available for me?

What alternatives are available?

Last but not least – do your research and make sure you look for alternatives to chair lift for stairs. You might not necessarily need a chair lift rather than a stair climbing aid.

AssiStep - affordable stairlift alternative
AssiStep - Affordable Stairlift Alternative
Discover the stair climbing aid AssiStep - a more active and healthy alternative to chair lift for stairs!

The number one alternative to chair lift for stairs is the stair climbing aid AssiStep.

Unlike chair lifts, the AssiStep enables you to keep active and get the extra support needed to continue climbing stairs using your own muscles. The AssiStep is also a less expensive and less space-demanding solution, since it is installed just like a normal handrail, extending less than 3,5 inches (9 cm) out from your wall.

9 main advantages of the AssiStep:

  1. Less expensive to buy and operate - no yearly service fees!
  2. Promotes good health by allowing you to maintain active
  3. Reliable and low service need, since it's a purely mechanical solution
  4. Can be installed in both straight and curved stairs
  5. Aesthetic Scandinavian design
  6. Professional installation in a matter of hours
  7. Stay active in the home you love
  8. Gives your loved ones a peace of mind
  9. No nursing home needed

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