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The Stair Walker -> The A-Z Guide For Chair Lifts For Stairs (Part 1)

The A-Z Guide For Chair Lifts For Stairs (Part 1)

6 things you should know before buying a stairlift
If you are looking for a chair lifts for stairs, you would of course like to avoid mistakes and discover a suitable model. Many people end up paying more than they need to, which is why we have written this guide in order to make sure you know what you have to pay attention to and think about before buying.

Supporting not just ourselves but also the people we care about, family members or close friends, becomes more important the older we get. With the help of mobility aids in the home, health and well being become more manageable. The purchase of a chair lift for stairs can be beneficial for people who have prosthetic joints, significantly reduced mobility or a disability that makes navigating a multi-level home difficult. Yet, for a number of reasons, the purchase of a chair lift for stairs can be an strenuous process.
  • Who is the chair lift for stairs intended for and for how long will it be used?
  • Which type of chair lift do I need and want?
  • What are the costs of a chair lift?

Who is the chair lift for stairs intended for and for how long will it be used?

Not every lift is manufactured equal. There is a suitable system for every situation and every need. How much mobility has is the person concerned left and for how long will they use the lift? In addition, the structural conditions in the staircase determine which chair lift is most suitable.

Stairlift railings installed into the steps
Stairlift railings installed into the steps

Which type of chair lift for stairs do I need and want?

For people who are somewhat or only temporarily restricted in their mobility, for example due to stiff joints or circulatory problems, it can make sense to purchase a standing lift. The same goes for people who have difficulties sitting down.

Chair lifts for stairs are useful for all those who experience pain when climbing stairs and are very limited in their mobility. If you are not able to walk up and down the stairs independently and without help anymore, a chair lift might be the right choice for you.

Platform lifts, on the other hand, are suitable for people with severe mobility restrictions. Wheelchair users should use this type of lift, because due to its platform there is no need for transfer out of the wheelchair and it can be operated independently.

Curved stair lift

Can it be installed on my stairs?

There are a couple of questions that need to be answered in order to find out which type of lift can be installed on your stairs.

  1. Do you need a lift for outside or inside?
  2. Should the lift for stairs overcome a curved or straight stairway?
  3. How many floors should the lift climb? Or is it just a few steps?
  4. What is the stair width?
  5. How much space does the stairwell offer?
  6. Can the lift be parked at the end of the stairs or does it have to be moved around a corner into the stairwell?

What are the costs of a chair lift for stairs?

You might have already researched chair lift providers' websites for pricing information and noticed that you have hardly found any specific price information. This is mainly due to the fact that there are no flat rates.

Any type of lift is always a product that is completely tailored to your individual situation. The cost of a chair lift for stairs depends on the requirements of your living situation and especially the stairs on which it is to be installed. A straight flight of stairs over one floor is less expensive than mounting it on a curved staircase over several floors.

Your needs and wishes also play a role: Should the seat of the lift be covered with a special fabric and match the color of the living space? Should the seat and footrest be operated manually or electrically? Does a folding rail have to be installed so that the lift does not obstruct the entrance area? These factors make a price comparison very complex and difficult.

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