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AssiStep Stair Aid - Climb stairs independently

Stair Aid
AssiStep is a brand new solution within the field of barrier-free living designed to make stairs safer and easier. AssiStep can be a good solution for anyone having difficulties climbing stairs but still want to stay active! For these situations, the stair aid is a practical walking aid that supports both seniors and people with reduced mobility.

A lot of people experience reduced mobility, depend on various aids to master their everyday life independently. These tools can for example enable you to live in your own home as long as possible without being dependent on help from others.

There are a variety of useful walking aids, such as canes and walkers, which can help you maintain the ability to move around on flat surfaces.

Stairs often have to be overcome several times a day - depending on the living situation. This represents an increased risk of falling, especially for people who have reduced mobility. Precisely in these situations, the stair aid is a practical walking aid that supports both seniors and people with difficulty climbing stair in their own home.


What is a Stair Aid?

How does the Stair Aid work?

For whom is the Stair Aid suitable?

What are the advantages of the Stair Aid?

What should you look for when buying a Stair Aid?

What is a Stair Aid?

AssiStep - The Stair Aid is an innovative mobility product that is designed to increase support and safety for people who either struggle climbing stairs or want to future-proof their home environment.

The purely mechanical Stair Aid AssiStep consists of two main components:

  • A unique stainless steel handrail system that fits into any home and staircase.
  • A high quality support handle made in anodized aluminum that will support you while walking up or down.

The complete rail system (handrail and handle) is installed along the stair, securely attached to the wall. The handle slides along the handrail with its patented locking mechanism, making sure that it stays locked whenever you want it to stay locked in position.

The locking system significantly reduces the risk of slipping or falling, since it gives similar amount of support as a flat ground rollator.

Due to the high-quality design of the AssiStep, the Stair Aid blends in discreetly in your home and occupies very little space.

If the Stair Aid is not used, the handle can be folded towards the wall, and then only takes up 18 cm / 7 inches of space from the wall.

The handrail and handle are made out of high quality and sustainable materials, such as stainless steel and anodized aluminum.

Stair aid
Developing the AssiStep Stair Aid

The development of the AssiStep started in 2012, at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology. Three engineering students who had grandparents struggling with climbing stairs partnered up to create prototypes of something brand new in the accessibility industry.

In collaboration with occupational therapists, physiotherapists and different user groups, the team quickly made several prototypes that were tested in the time period 2012 - 2014. The finished solution was launched the year after, in 2015, where it went through the comprehensive certification system at TÜV Nord in Germany. The AssiStep was launched in Norway in 2015, and the company started exporting the product to other European countries in 2017. In 2019, the product is now available in almost 20 countries world-wide, and was recognized by The SilverEco Ageing Well institute as the Best Solution of 2019.

How does the Stair Aid work?


While ascending the stairs, it's recommended to hold on the lower part of the handle:

  1. Move the handle one arm length in front of you.
  2. Support yourself on the handle while you take a step up the stairs.
  3. Repeat this for every step.


  1. Lift lightly on the outside of the handle to release it from its locked position.
  2. Move the handle an arm length in front of you.
  3. Support yourself on the handle by applying weight on the handle while you take a step forward.
  4. Repeat this for every step.

The whole operation is completely mechanical and does not require assistance from other people.

Stair aid
We have made it our mission to make you safer and more independent in your daily life. We think people should stay mobile and active for as long as possible, as this brings tremendous health benefits.
Assitech AS (Manufacturer)

For whom is the Stair Aid suitable?

AssiStep helps a large number of people with different challenges. Here are some examples:

Assistep kvinne

Advantages of a Stair Aid

  • No building permit required prior to installation.
  • 2 weeks delivery time.
  • No maintenance contract is required (although some of the dealers and distributors offer this as an option).
  • Reliability - since the AssiStep works 100% mechanically and will work even during power outages.
  • No customization is needed - since it's a 100% module based system.
  • Promotes daily activity while keeping you safe.

What should you look for when buying a Stair Aid?

We always recommend a thorough consultation with our experts before adapting your home to ensure that the AssiStep is a good solution for you.

The installation of an AssiStep can be done on short notice, due to its modular design and no building permit requirement.

Safe and active - with a modern design

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