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Oddbjørn’s COPD caused him great trouble with the basement stairs, until he got the AssiStep stair helper

Trappehjelp - AssiStep - Les historien til Oddbjørn (68) som har KOLS og store utfordringer med å gå opp og ned trappa i hjemmet sitt. Nå har han fått montert opp trappehjelperen AssiStep
Estimated reading time 2 min. Published 04.07.2018
Oddbjørn has the AssiStep stair helper installed after he got diagnosed with COPD. After many years working as a welder, Oddbjørn developed COPD. This affects his concentration, and causes dizziness and breathing difficulties. Things got so bad he could no longer walk the stairs to his basement.
Oddbjørn (68) is married and has 4 children. In 1974, they moved to Frosta outside the Norwegian city Trondheim, while working as a welder.
  • "Both commuting and welding took their piece of my life.”

As a result of his work profession Oddbjørn developed COPD, a chronic illness of the lungs causing poor airflow. The diagnosis affects his concentration and causes dizziness and breathing difficulties.

  • “Climbing stairs was awful. I no longer had a chance to climb the basement stairs.”
  • “But today, life is completely different. I go in the basement several times each day. I have no problem with it.”
  • “It really, really helps having the AssiStep, because you no longer feel that dread walking the stairs.”
  • “I recommend the stair helper AssiStep to most people I come across who might need it.”
“The stair helper AssiStep really saved me!”
Oddbjørn (68)
See the video from Oddbjørn's home (In Norwegian only)

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