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Six-year-old Peder was born with cerebral palsy, and couldn’t climb the stairs on his own. Until he got an AssiStep stair helper

AssiStep är ett bra alternativ till trapphissar. Den håller dig säker och aktiv
Estimated reading time 2 min. Published 30.04.2018
Peder was born with cerebral palsy, and has always been dependent on assistance in order to climb the stairs. With the AssiStep he managed to climb the stairs independently already on his first attempt.
Home adaptation for children with disabilities

Like most children with cerebral palsy, Peder has issues with gross motor impairment. This makes it difficult for him to crawl, walk, sit and run. Although he can accomplish much on his own, he was never able to climb the stairs by himself. Yet when his family learned about the AssiStep, there was hope for him to do just that.

They made inquiries to have the stair helper installed in their home.

Not only did acquiring an AssiStep enable Peder, to his great joy, to climb the stairs by himself, it also improved his functioning in other areas. According to his mother, both his core musculature and body posture have improved as a result of his using the AssiStep stair helper at home.

“After Peder got the AssiStep, we have noticed a big difference when he climbs regular stairs. He has more strength in his core musculature, and his bodily posture has improved greatly”
Peder’s mother
Trapphjälpen AssiStep gör barnen säkra i trappan
Peder (6) tillsammans med sin AssiStep
The stairwalker AssiStep is a stair climbing aid for children
What is cerebral palsy

Cerebral palsy (CP) is the general term for a group of conditions involving impaired motor function, and is caused by abnormal development or damage to the developing brain between the fetal stage and early childhood. An important diagnostic criterion is the brain damage not worsening, but remaining static(not progressing). What results from the diagnosis, depends on the size and locality of the damage. Approximately two to three of every thousand children are born with or subsequently develop cerebral palsy.

Take a look at Peder's first attempt to master the stairs with The AssiStep

Why is the AssiStep a good choice?

Designed for your home

The AssiStep is designed and developed by engineers and industrial designers from Norway's leading Technical University.

The AssiStep is designed to blend naturally into your home environment as a discrete solution.

Keeps you safe and active

The AssiStep has been tested and certified by the world recognized TÜV from Germany. It's approved for users weighting up to 120 kg / 264 punds and is compliant with the technical safety standards EN ISO 12182:2012 and EN ISO 14971:2012.

Can be installed in most types of stairs

AssiStep is designed to be easily adaptable to your stair. It can be installed in both straight and curved stairs as well as stairs with flat landings.

Takes up very little space

When the handle is folded, you'll only notice the beautiful stainless steel handrail.

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