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"Now I'm safe in the staircase"

AssiStep with Svein Ove and occupational therapist Andreas
AssiStep stair aid with Svein Ove and occupational therapist Andreas
Estimated reading time 3 min. Published 03.01.2022
After several prolapses and fractures in his back, stair climbing with a handrail became a great burden for Svein Ove Vestøl. With the stair aid AssiStep, his challenges were solved, giving security to both him and his wife.

- AssiStep makes everyday life much easier, Svein Ove says.

Svein Ove has experienced five prolapses and three fractures in his back. After prolapse number two, he ended up in a wheelchair, but he was able to make an almost complete recovery. When Svein Ove climbed his in-home staircase he was however putting a lot of force on his hands. He and his wife have bedrooms and the main bathroom on the second floor, and he needed a solution to get there safely by himself. After his third fall in the staircase, his doctor recommended him to get in touch with the municipality Occupational therapist.

Occupational therapist Andreas Isaksen noticed that Svein Ove would have a huge benefit from the stair aid AssiStep. This was in late summer 2021, and about three weeks later the AssiStep was installed in his home.

- This is one of the best mobility aids on the market, says Occupational therapist Andreas.

The feedback from AssiStep users in my municipality have been 100% positive
Andreas Isaksen, Occupational therapist
Stair aid
AssiStep stair aid

- With the AssiStep you both get an active and safe solution. The feedback from those who have gotten the AssiStep installed in my municipality have been 100% positive.

Before Svein Ove got the AssiStep stair aid installed, he was afraid of climbing the stairs in his home.

- Now I feel completely secure, because I have this support in front of me. The handle solves everything. If I loose my grip, it's there to catch me. I can't fall down anymore. It also feels solid, which is important since I'm a big man, Svein Ove says.

He explains that his wife also feel much more secure now.

- Now she can leave the house, knowing that I will be ok.

Occupational therapist Andreas with the AssiStep stair aid
Occupational therapist Andreas with the AssiStep stair aid

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